Bible Commentary

How does Bible Commentary differ from bible study? That’s a question with which we’ve wrestled. For given the breadth and depth of Scripture, we've tried to put topics, as much as is possible, into logical categories.

The difference between a Study and Commentary is commentary ought to provide more in depth comment than teaching (study).

Bible Commentary

Admittedly, this is an arbitrary distinction. However, it fits with what we're trying to accomplish.

For example, we include Commentary on Favorite Famous Bible Quotes based upon the distinction between Bible study and Commentary. You'll also find Bible Commentaries on Bible Verses by Topic.

Rather than supply a list of Inspirational Bible Quotes, we thought it more profitiable to our readers to comment on why particular scriptures have meant so much to Christians in all times and cultures.

These and other insights offered here as Commentary are not theological analysis; a task beyond the scope of this Site; but are intended to be scripturally sound, but not theologically dense.

In other words, these Bible Study Commentaries are intended as meditation ammunition for the average lay person over and above the usual facts assimilation of a Bible Study. Enjoy.