Topical Bible Studies

Topical Bible Studies as the name implies has to do with various subjects in the Bible.

However, because the Bible deals with the issues of life and death and everything in between, there are literally thousands and thousands of topics that have intrinsic spiritual value that need to be studied by believer and non-believer, alike.

In fact, so many subjects are encompassed by scripture that the challenge is just coming up with a logical system of items to study.

Some issues we wrestled with in devising these studies were:
1. Major Biblical themes; i.e. the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ.
2. Major events; i.e. Noah's flood, the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, etc.
3. Major and minor characters in the Biblical record.
4. Major public interest; i.e. what do visitors to this site want to know?

As students and teachers of the Bible we are anxious to, and desire to, present scripture used in this kind of bible study in such a way as to reveal this marvelous book as the unified whole it is.

But if they are ultimately not seen by our visitors because we don't meet their needs, we have not served our purpose. Our purpose is that visitors meet the God of the Bible.

So in line with our purpose, we've made arbitrary decisions as to how subjects are structured on this site. Because this site has other studies which deal with major themes, and characters, and events, we feel comfortable structuring our topical bible studies primarily on issues of interest to our visitors.

We think it is possible to present a topical bible studies unit using popularly suggested subjectss and still be theologically and doctrinally sound.

Below is a list of topics covered in this unit:

angels in the bible
The created intelligences known as Angels in the Bible captivate the human imagination. What is the child of God's relationship to these fascinating beings?