Psalms Bible Studies

Observations and Overview:

Some of the strongest Christians I've known or heard of were daily readers of Psalms. Great men and women of God read Psalms daily. Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, many others read the whole book of Psalms and Proverbs each a month as shown below:

Read the Book of Psalms and Proverbs each and every month:

150 psalms divided by 30 days per month = 5 Psalms per day
31 proverbs divided by 30 days per month = 1 Proverbs per day

August 1st read Psalms 1-5, Proverbs 1
August 2nd read Psalms 6-10, Proverbs 2
August 3rd read Psalms 11-15 Proverbs 3
………………… and so on until ………………
August 30th read Psalms 145-150, Proverbs 30

There's spiritual wisdom only found through intimacy with Psalms. Proverbs is wisdom. Psalms is the root of wisdom. Psalms is man's word to God. Yet, God speaks through man's word to us using man's word, interesting!

Psalms reveal much about what moves the heart of God.
a. Kingdom reached it's apex under David the psalmist and warrior king.
b. A sizeable portion of Psalms and therefore scripture written by David.
c. Psalms has strong spiritual meaning to believers through the centuries.

Psalms lets us gaze into the inner workings of God's Kingdom thru the lens of prayer. Prayer and praise is so big in Psalms that without them there would be no Psalms.

Many of the prayers and praises in Psalms feature the Kingdom principle of confession. (A principle is a law. Something that works every time; i.e. The principle (law) of gravity.)

Confession here does not mean admitting to something bad. Confession in Scripture has to do with agreeing with or disagreeing with the Word of God, by the positivity or negativity that comes out your mouth.
a. Romans 10:9-10
b. Matthew 12:34-37
c. Proverbs 18:21

(Confession is a mystery. In Scripture mystery is knowledge from God's Word that only comes through revelation by the Holy Spirit.)

It's striking that the word (LET) occurs 166 times in Psalms; more than any other book of the Bible. By comparison, it appears 96X in Exodus and 72X in Genesis. Psalms teaches us to say (Mark 11:23) prayers of positive confessions, rather than rehearsing (saying) all the negative that's going on. In other words, we pray the solution and not the problem!