Youth Bible Study Lessons

The youth bible study lessons below are primarily aimed at middle school students. There are several games and activities in each lesson that will move a teaching session along with the attention span of a typical middle schooler.


However, the lesson plans are flexible. This permits each lesson to be tailored toward either middle or high schoolers.

For high schoolers you may want to reduce the number of activities. And instead use one, maybe two suggested activities to lead into scripture reading and discussion.

Given the opportunity, kids will often engage in profound avenues of discussion that often surprises with their depth and range. So make room in your youth bible study lessons for discussion and be alert for opportunities to let kids talk.

Abortion, Aging, Anger, Attitudes, Authority, Balanced Life, Bible, Bible Study, Body of Christ, Breaking Up, Brothers & Sisters, Building & Demonstrating Faith, Career, Change, Character, Cheating, Christian Living, Church, Cliques, Commitment, Communication. Competition, Complaining, Conflict, Conversion, Cults, Dating, Death, Defending the Faith, Depression, Difficult Questions About God, Discipleship, Divorce, Doubts, Drinking, Drugs, Easter, Emotions, Encouragement, Environment & Ecology, Envy/Jealousy, Failure, Faith & Trust, Family, Fear, Felloswhip, Forgiving Others, Friendship, Fun & Pleasure, Future, Gentleness, Getting Along with Parents, Giving, Goals, God's Existence, God's Goodness, God's Nature, God's Will, Grace, Growing Up, Guilt & Forgiveness, Halloween, Handicaps, Happiness, Heaven, Helping Others, Holy Spirit, Homosexuality, Honesty With Others, Honesty With Self, Hope, Hypocrisy,